Popular WordPress Plugins to Prepare Your Site for Christmas

Popular WordPress Plugins to Prepare Your Site for Christmas

I guess everybody simply loves the air that goes with the Christmas season. Pretty snowflakes, colorful lights, snowman, raindeers, presents – that all makes people feel that holidays are near. You will be able to see your friends and relatives, give and receive some presents, relax and have some rest. As you plan to decorate your home and surroundings why to ignore the other important part of your life? Yes, you heard it right. I am talking about the WordPress Christmas plugins.

With the jingle bells, snowflakes, and Santa taking center stage – welcome the Christmas spirit to your online business as well! Some nice decorations will make the website look fresh and festive. It will also affect yourself – seeing the features of upcoming holidays, and you will sheer up too! Without a shadow of a doubt, the winter holiday adornments can make your customers experience a better Christmas shopping.

Today’s discussion topic will revolve around some of the best Christmas embellishments that can be added to your site to make it look festive. Many plugins can help you add some of the Christmas stuff to your website by installing them. Some of them are completely free. For some, you can pay a very affordable fee. 

You can compare plugins to the Christmas wreath that, probably, is stored in your house. You reach for it once a year and then hide for further Christmas. The winter holidays plugins are just the same – download them, install, activate, and turn off. Let me introduce you to some of the most popular and effective Christmas WordPress plugins.

Christmasify Festive Plugin

Not sure how to diversify your website for the winter holidays? Download the lovely Christmasify plugin, including decorations, snow, catchy fonts, and festive music. It’s super easy to use, so you don’t need any technical skills. You can switch effects and choose the ones you want to embellish your site. 

Christmas Decorations

It is a lightweight and versatile Xmas tool. You can add snowfall (to all pages) and countdown to your site. The latter will be visible at the bottom of all website pages. With these features, you can immediately make the design of your projects look festive. Moreover, it will attract visitors to your business. The plugin is compatible with various browsers. Download it now!

GiveWP – Donation Plugin

It is one of the most installed WP plugins. It is specially designed for donations that visitors can make on your site. This feature will be very useful and beneficial for your business activities before Christmas. The platform offers donation statistics, donor management, filter by date and payment method, and other settings. Despite the extensive functionality, the plugin is easy to operate. Check it out!

The Events Calendar

The event calendar on your business site is an important feature to have before the winter holidays. If you’re preparing something special for your clients, be sure to download this professional plugin. You can easily personalize the calendar with the handy table system and the plugin’s extensions. Calendar features include the following:

One-click event add-on;Event search;Google maps;Upcoming events list;Responsiveness.

Christmas Music

A lovely Christmas tune to get your site in the Christmas mood. With this handy and easy-to-use plugin, you can set automatic music on all website pages. However, you can limit the sound to a few pages. The plugin offers a choice of play button style, volume level, and other useful features. Get your customers in the holiday spirit with this WordPress plugin!

WooCommerce Gift Cards

The best solution to attract and encourage your store customers before the holidays is gift cards. You can sell them on your online site with this free plugin. Thus, more people will learn about your business and services. The plugin installation process takes a few clicks, and it involves setting the sum and image to personalize the card. Check out this plugin to promote your store for Christmas!

Holiday Party WordPress Theme

Meet a great Christmas WordPress theme for the holiday season. It is designed specifically to promote your event and business in general. Before the holidays, you don’t have much time to build your platform from scratch, and that’s where this versatile template comes into play. Its color scheme and blocks with winter vector elements bring the spirit of Christmas. The theme offers a hamburger menu, landing page, price lists, and more. 

ChrisWP Template Design

A vibrant New Year template for your business marketing. If you want to throw a holiday event, you need to advertise it online. For this purpose, use this WP theme with a modern design that will interest your customers. It includes a Santa banner and blocks containing information about the upcoming event. Check out its demo to see all the features. 

XLand – Multipurpose Landing Page Collection

Here is a wide collection of landing page templates to deliver services and deals to your business institution. You can find portfolios, startups, event news, and other landing pages. Such a vast selection of web products will make your life much easier before the winter holidays. Download and choose the right template for you. 

Payanam – WP Travel Blog Website Theme

Christmas is a time for vacations in warm countries and trips to the snowy mountains. Payanam is a specially designed platform for travel blogging. You can create a great flexible website for travel bloggers, travel agents, and businesses in this field in a few minutes. The template offers handy service pages, tour routes, blog columns, and other features. Check out its demo version on the site.

Bitunet – Responsive Cryptocurrency Elementor Template

Use this professional and fully responsive cryptocurrency WP theme for your corporate purposes. It is designed with a live Elementor builder to edit the product in real-time mode. It is a great solution to promote your company online. Check out its demo version.  

Lilenn – Multipurpose Business WordPress Theme

Choose this multipurpose business theme if you own corporate agencies, startups, and other ventures. You will save lots of time as it is an easy-to-use product with multiple features. You will find video and picture sections, fonts, dark mode switcher, and more. It is worth your attention! 

WP Snow Effect

The plugin adds a beautiful animation effect of falling snow to your WordPress site. The speed of falling snowflakes could be easily changed. By adjusting the falling speed, you can stimulate a snowstorm on your site’s pages or make the gorgeous beauty fall slowly and pompously. When you sit in the warm house, in the comfortable chair and the snow slowly falls outside the window – it makes you feel especially comfortable. You can make the visitors of your site feel the same – with the help of this plugin.

Rocket Fireworks

This one is so simple that you don’t have to do anything but installing it. The plugin will be the best choice for you when you are in the mood of celebration with your customers. It is also very easy to install and works as a great tool when you want to celebrate important days with your audience. When you open the website – the fireworks just start to blow! They are made multicolor, which looks cool, attractive & attentive. This plugin could rock your site a little!

Snow Fall Effect for Entire Website

Another extremely simple plugin that doesn’t demand any customizations. You can just install it – and enjoy the calm snowing. the white dots of different sizes fall down from the top of the website and create a perfect illusion of natural snow.  You can also “control” the direction in which the snowflakes fall with your pointer – they follow your moves. Those moves could be compared to the wind, that blows the snow in some direction. Mesmerizing view.

Christmas Greetings

Complex tools that offer a combination of different features are sometimes better than narrow plugins with a single function. This plugin has a free and premium version. Free one offers you the “snowing” effect, the Santa sled and Gift box animations. Besides that, you can set a greeting message from the admin panel and become closer to your customers by sending them a cheerful message. A premium version adds to this list a few features like fireworks animation and New Year theme.

Scratch & Win Giveaways

Holidays are the best period to set some giveaways and sales. People are looking for presents, so offering a discount could sufficiently boost your profit. This plugin helps you to launch a convenient giveaway via the scratch codes. It is much better than just offering a discount because it adds some playful tone to it and that is just a perfect variant for a holiday sale. You will also be able to display that giveaway at your social media, like the Facebook page. The message with a scratch code could be customized to appear on the page from the moment of downloading it or pop-upping after some trigger.

Christmas Countdown

You probably have seen those on different websites – timers that show how much time it is left to Christmas. Setting such a countdown could add some nice atmosphere of the incoming holiday to your own website. After installing this plugin you get the opportunity to add is as a widget to the sidebar. The settings are simple – you just choose the title of the countdown, the before and after texts. And that’s all – there is a countdown!

Gift Cards

It could be really difficult to choose the right gift for your friend, colleague or even the beloved one. In case when you are not sure it is better to grand a gift card and let the person choose something appropriate by herself. This cool plugin gives you the opportunity to create gift cards for your own business. There are options to create any type of gift card, including rewards, promotions, and packages. There are even templates for New Year and Christmas gift cards which reduce the time needed for that offer creation.

Weather Effect

This plugin is also a complex tool, that would be useful to you not only in the Christmas period but during the whole year. With its help, you can set different effects on your website’s pages, like snowing, raining or autumn leaves falling. Besides the animations of weather, there is also a set of options to make different objects fall from the top of the page and those objects could be Christmas balls, bells, candies, and gifts. Every object has a few variants of appearance you can choose from. The installation and customization are pretty simple, so there won’t be any problems for you to set the “falling” which will fit your taste.

Woocommerce Gift Wrapper

Christmas is a perfect time to offer your customers a gift-wrapping service. It is much more pleasant to receive a wrapped gift, isn’t it? This plugin will help you to create a wrapping option on your online store. It is supported by WooCommerce, so you will have no compatibility issues. The settings of gift-wrapping service are completely up to you – set the types of paper, colors, ribbons, cards and other available at your store decorations for yourself.

Hotel Booking Engine WordPress Plugin

Everyone wants to feel the Christmas atmosphere somewhere in the middle of mountains covered with fluffy snow. Winter vacation is a great opportunity to break the routine and hit the road to a fairytale. That is why, if you are a hotel owner, you can have more guests at your property then usual. With the help of Hotel Booking Engine WordPress Plugin, you can:

Create a photo gallery of available rooms.Set seasonal pricing at different rates.Add extra services, such as car rental, cleaning, etc.

Tetrabyblos – Astrology WordPress Plugin

Learn what this year brings you with Tetrabyblos! Apart from having a simple-to-use admin interface, Tetrabyblos also comes with multi-language support. This plugin is capable of calculating:

It comes with ecliptic tropical/sidereal longitude.This plugin enumerates the Dignities, Elements, and Qualities.Tetrabyblos provides the primary astrological Vedic.It has 13 different House systems.The plugin gives more than 13 various references to Ayanamsas, etc. 

Check it out today, and you will know what the future holds for you. 

Duplicate Variation for WooCommerce WordPress Plugin

If you are a business and don’t have much time to duplicate variations of services or products you plan to sell this shopping season, then this plugin is your perfect solution. It is a very useful plugin that you can easily install and use. It can be suitable for personal or commercial use. People from all kinds of industries can benefit from this plugging this Christmas:

Business/corporate.IT and Saas.Beauty or fashion projects.Online Shops, etc. 

Besides, it is regularly updated by the developers from the SMG team to make sure you get the best quality product. 

MotoPress Content Editor WordPress Plugin

MotoPress Content Editor is a must-have plugin this Christmas. It comes with so many features! No wonder why it is a bestseller and truly deserves five stars. It enhances TinyMCE enabling you to compose websites you have in your mind visually. Besides, you can do all of it without coding skills. This visual builder can help you to drag-and-drop content you need to your website effortlessly. In the end, you get a responsive and modern design too. Create professional pages containing:

Texts.Images.Buttons.Tabs.Charts.Tables, and more.

MotoPress Slider WordPress Plugin

Hit the Jackpot this Christmas with the MotoPress plugin! Are you wondering how? It is very easy since this WordPress responsive slider enables you to build eye-catching presentations for any project. Besides, it doesn’t require tech skills, which means even a beginner can master this tool. With its help, you can:

Compose animated content layers.Insert special transition effects.Adjust custom animations to your slides.Easily duplicate slides.Quickly customize your project, etc.

Mega Menu WordPress Plugin

Do you want your customers to get a pleasant online experience while surfing through the catalog of services or products you are offering this Christmas? Then, create mega menus with ease! You can compose various tabs menus and carousel menus straightforwardly. Your potential or existing customers will want to stay longer on your website since it is comprehensive and easy to use. If they stay more, it means the chances of them to make a purchase are higher. Mega Menu WordPress plugin is your best solution to boost sales this winter season at an affordable price. 

Manage Contacts / Email Marketing / Subscribe – Next Campaign WordPress Plugin

Online shopping is increasing, and it is your chance to collect potential customers’ emails this Christmas time. This paladin facilitates the process of sending a notification for updates. Besides being 100% Responsive, this plugin comes with other handy features, such as:

Cross-browser compatibility.Popup mailbox subscriber forms.Drag and drop.Manage mailing lists with ease.Newsletter subscription feature included.Free lifetime updates included, etc. 

WS S3 Console for Amazon – File Uploader WordPress Plugin

The Christmas holiday season is almost here! If you are in any business, you can take advantage of this festive mood. After all, at this time, people are actively buying gifts and trying to complete unfinished projects. To help you raise sales, get closer to customers, and strengthen market position just before the holidays, consider S3 Console for Amazon. Besides, it comes with multiple handy features like:

Set up an unlimited folder in the bucket.Upload crop images.Get unlimited storage.Rely on quick tech support.Detailed documentation included, etc. 

Quiz Bird – Quizzes and Tests WordPress Plugin

Get to know your customers closer this Christmas! With the Quiz Bird plugin, you can collect information quickly and effectively. You can set any types of questions since the plugin includes:

Single choice quiz.Entertaining radio button.Easy to use the drop-down option.Checkboxes.Text-based answers.Number Based answers.

Thanks to this plugin, you can see how long it takes for a user to complete a quiz, results, and general statistics. Besides, you can use collected data for marketing purposes via charts and graphs. 

Final Thoughts

All in all, there are many useful plugins your business can benefit from this Christmas. We hope that this review was handy for you, and it will enable you to make significant improvements in your project. Check out our website for more web assets, and if you have any questions, do not hesitate to contact us via live chat. Our support agent will immediately get to you and will provide all the necessary information you might require.

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