Top 20 Black Friday Icons Sets for Your Projects

Top 20 Black Friday Icons Sets for Your Projects

Black Friday is coming, and it means that you have less and less time for preparation. But don’t worry, we got your back. Check out the list of top 20 Black Friday icons today. All of them have multiple useful features handy this year. Impress your customers with our stylish, informative icon sets available in different shapes, colors, and designs. 

Moreover, it is especially useful for those who want to save money on quality icons for a Black Friday prom campaign. Cost-effective offers we have got for you will decrease expenses on your project. Learn more about our rich collection of high-quality products, and you can take advantage of this shopping season.

Let’s begin!

Cost Reduction Sale Collection Set Vector Icon


You can use this set of icons for any sale occasion, including Black Friday, summer and winter seasonal sales, cashback, and more!

The package contains EPS file formats that are easy to use and fully editable. Also, it includes vector and raster graphic types.

Black Friday Flat Icon Set

Black Friday Flat Icon Set.


With this Black Friday icon set, you can promote your deals online, in print, on the web, in apps, and infographics!

The pack includes colored and flat-style icons in PNG, PDF, SVG, AI, EPS file formats that are all easy to use. Also, it is compatible with Adobe Illustrator and many other popular editing programs.

Black Friday Glyph Icon Set

Black Friday Glyph Icon Set.


This Black Friday icon set contains colored and glyph-styled icons to represent any promotion or discount you have planned visually.

All icons present accuracy in details and consistency, ensuring a professional appearance.

The package includes AI, EPS, SVG, PNG, PDF file formats. 

25 Black Friday Flat Round Icon Set

25 Black Friday Flat Round Icon Set.


Black Friday icon set includes flat round icon graphics you can use on your website, app, infographics, social media posts, and more to promote your special deals.

The package comprises six file formats: AI, CDR, EPS, JPG, PNG, SVG. Also, all the icons are easy to scale, and you can edit them using Adobe Illustrator, Corel Draw, or any other popular program.

25 Black Friday Filled Round Corner Icon Set

25 Black Friday Filled Round Corner Icon Set.


This Black Friday icon set contains 25 filled round corner icons representing different objects and concepts such as the 50% off symbol, gift box, sale tag, free, discount, and more.

All the icons are easily and fully scalable. Thus, you can resize them, experiencing no loss in visual quality.

Icons are available in both vector and raster graphic types.

25 Black Friday Glyph Icon Set

25 Black Friday Glyph Icon Set.


The glyph black vector icons in this package include many suitable representations for shopping projects and promotional campaigns, such as Black Friday.

All the included files are easy to edit and scale. As a result, there is maximum customization and adaptability to any product (flyer, social media post, website, app, and more). 

25 Black Friday Line Green & Black Icon Set

25 Black Friday Line Green & Black Icon Set.


This set of premium Black Friday icons includes graphic representations designed in a colored style with black and green lines.

These icons are suitable for mobile apps, presentations, websites, illustrations, social media posts, and more.

Also, you can edit them using Adobe Illustrator or any other popular editing software.

25 Black Friday Line Multicolor B/G Icon Set

25 Black Friday Line Multicolor B/G Icon Set.


This icon set includes 25 line multicolor B/G icons that you can use for any promotional campaign you decide to run, including Black Friday deals.

The icons are available in six different file formats: AI, CDR, EPS, JPG, PNG, SVG, and you can choose the one that best suits the intended use.

Also, you can easily edit and scale any icon that comes with this package.

Illustrative Halloween Iconset Template


There is so much you can get on the platform this Black Friday. It does not matter which industry you are specializing in. We have a great deal for everyone! Check out this Illustrative Halloween Icons. It has the most popular icon sizes and all possible standard formats available.

70 Black Friday Icons – Vivid Series Iconset Template

Download for Free in ONE

These colorful and bright icons are a must-have tool for this shopping season. The bundle includes series for the announcement of sales, a cashback guarantee option, and an opportunity to return an item that does not suit.

25 Black Friday Line Inverted Iconset Template

Download for Free in ONE

This year, another useful product will be a package of 25 line inverted icon set templates in Black Friday style. It is designed for straightforward usage on all kinds of devices and browsers. It comes with 20 PNG sizes and has a unit grid system version.

70 Black Friday Icons – Astute Series Iconset Template

Download for Free in ONE

One more product designed by our friends from FlatIcons can become very handy during the high season of sales. They have a beautiful package of icons in different formats like AI, PDF, EPS, SVG, and PNG of various sizes. Check it out today and find the ones you need.

25 Black Friday Filled Round Corner Iconset Template

Download for Free in ONE

Very stylish, simple, and at the same time, informative icons can help you a lot this year. They are suitable for anyone who plans to launch a mobile app for the project or create a website. Ready to print icons will save a lot of time and effort, especially now, when holidays are coming.

Feedback & Reviews Pack | Multipurpose Iconset Template


This fully edible version can suit any e-commerce project. It has easy adjustable color and size elements. It includes JPG and PNG versions in colorful, black, or gray styles. Moreover, this icon set comes with 24 original Feedback & Reviews Icons, which will be a big plus for you this Black Friday.

Becris Premium Line Icons Bundle


The Becris Bundle can be used for various industries, that include areas like:

Black Friday deals;Halloween or Christmas sales;Web Design;Franchise Business;Online Money Transfer, etc.

88 Digital Marketing Icons – Orchid Series Iconset Template

Download for Free in ONE

Orchid Series Incoset is a great solution for presentation or illustration design templates. It also has six different formats as well as easy to scale 100% vector icons. The bundle is suitable for:

E-commerce purposes;Sports and outdoor activities; Restaurant, hotels, and other hospitality-related industries;Startups, etc.

Social Media Iconset Template


Social Media Iconset comes as an ultimate collection of style icons that includes 70 social media logos. In total, you are free to choose from different 1050 icons! The styles include social media logos that are:

Outlined in a circle or square shape;Square shadowed icons;White color icons: filled or outlined;Circle icons: shadowed or flat;Color outlined: circle or square;Transparent icons: circle or square.

Circularity – Circle Line Icons Iconset Template


You can inform your buyers about the customer support available 24 hours and the availability of coupons or refund policies. Particular icon set has multiple features, including:

Scalable vectors coming with stroke weight control;Well-organized files; Neat layer structure.

Web Pack | Website Vector for Web Design and Development Agency or Company | Website Use Iconset Template

Download for Free in ONE

Use this ultimate Web Pack to update or create your website, portfolio, resume, business presentation, for any freelance project, or any kind of print design. The top two features include 60 Trendy Web Icons and 3 Different types of styles with Hover Option.

80 Map Navigation Icons – Aesthetic Series Iconset Template

Download for Free in ONE

100% vector and fully compatible Navigation Icons include car park sign, current location icon, different flag images, direction sign, driving route, favorite destination image, and various objects signs like a forest, fountain, and other useful icons. Use these 80 map series to inform customers about your location this Black Friday.

Business Icons Pack | Vector Icon Design Iconset Template

Download for Free in ONE

96 premium quality icons will be handy this Black Friday for various purposes. Everyone related to e-commerce can use it for:

All kinds of web studios;Individual webmasters, like freelancers or bloggers;Everyone who is engaged in advertising, like designers, illustrators, or decorators.

Black Circled Social Media Iconset Template


Anyone who wishes to tell the world about their project via Social Media can use this icon set. It is suitable for:

Social networks content managers, who frequently need to provide high-quality media content;Designers who work with Photoshop and other similar programs;Anyone who has an exciting hobby and wants to share some information with the world via Social Networks, etc.

Flat Hand Drawn Iconset Template


These beautiful hand-drawn vector icons are probably the most creative package you have ever seen. It is cheerful, bright, and can suit any topic. There are collections for:

Art/Craft;Beauty Industry;E-commerce, etc.

Halloween Iconset Template


Available in 3 beautiful styles like line, color line, and outline, this icon set is a must-have tool for your Halloween event. It can work well for: 

A businessman who plans to launch an online store this Halloween;Entrepreneurs who need a professional website for their offline project;It is also suitable for hotels and restaurant managers who want to invite customers to Halloween events.

Flat Food Icons Iconset Template


If you are in the hospitality or food industry, check out our deal for these Black Friday icons. It includes 88 beautiful flat food and kitchenware images. It is all you need to present your project this holiday.

Jumbo Flat-Glyph Icons Pack Iconset Template


Built with pixel-perfect precision, this 3000 icons collection is a must-have tool this shopping season. 

Electronic and home appliances;Travel;Gaming Technologies, etc.

105 Instagram Highlight Icons – Ocean Series Iconset Template

Download for Free in ONE

This Black Friday will be hassle-free with Circle Line informative icons suitable for all shopping purposes. See if this icon set includes graphics you require for your products or services. 

63 Oil Gas Icons – Violet Series Iconset Template

Download for Free in ONE

Multipurpose set of edible icons, this bundle has all you need to represent well any intangible concept. It has multiple useful features to take advantage of.

Black friday TemplateMonster.

Black Friday Pre-sale Weekend

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During the pre-sale weekend, MonsterONE is offering a 25% discount on one of its subscription plans. You can therefore get the following discount:

Yearly subscription – 25% off – get for $172 instead of $229!

As a member of this plan, you will have access to all of our graphics and design assets, as well as website templates, themes, icons, plugins, and video and audio resources. With this membership, you will also have access to product support and general help for one year.

Each product you download comes with a commercial license. As a result, you can use the products for whatever project you like.

Discount in chat

This year, you can get a price break by asking for a secret discount in chat. The discount will be:

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Black Friday Sale Start 

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Black Friday – Main Sale

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